Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mud on Frozen Sand

Sliding in mud on frozen sand in CP... this ride was a good slide training on the frozen dirt below. Here back at the parking lot -- also a great testground for your car's ESP and TCS and ABS and so on... but most fun on two wheels.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

When a Cliff bar turns into a cliff

This is what NOAA was showing this morning:

Point forecast for 40.87N -72.92W
Locations within 5 miles of this point include...Coram NY...Medford NY...Mid Island NY...Middle Island NY...Ridge NY...Rocky Point NY...Upton NY...Yaphank NY

Sunday, January 21 at 8am
Temperature: 16°F Dewpoint: 3°F Wind Chill: 1°F Wind: NNW 16mph
Precipitation Potential: 0% Sky Cover: 8% Relative Humidity: 56%
Rain: <10% Thunder: <10% Snow: <10% Freezing Rain: <10%

Sunday, January 21 at 10am
Temperature: 21°F Dewpoint: 4°F Wind Chill: 8°F Wind: NNW 14G24mph
Precipitation Potential: 0% Sky Cover: 23% Relative Humidity: 47%
Rain: <10% Thunder: <10% Snow: <10% Freezing Rain: <10%

There may has been a Trevors ride this morning, PyZahl does not know because he decided that is too freaking cold this early morning for any early birds flying and possibly been dropped on the way back against the NNW wind what would be double worse at this conditions than usual...

Waiting for better times, well, it seamed the wind calmed a bit down towards noon and the mercury climbed its way up to some number close to 26F.
PyZahl put his polar suit on filled almost hot water in his Polar bottle and jumped for a quick hilly ride on his bike, especially to try out his new saddle, it felt different.
Riding out on east NC, passing the Duck Pond, doing the WR hills, proceeding to WWSP and out south to 25A on Hulse Landing Rd

-- that big puddle looked good for ice skating -- and back, down to WWSP beach, returning to WR -- the fast DH felt like needles in his face, then a cruise out to the WR beach.

A quick snack, PyZahl was doing hard eating the Cliff bar which really lived up to its name as it was hard like a cliff. And last but not least, the warm water in the insulated bottle turned almost icy. **** A hot shower never felt as good...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cold and Sunny

Was a great day and not too cold at all and the sun felt good.

PyZahl need the first full CP lap to get warmed up, the full throttle (almost) cross lap at end of that warmup was fun and after that he did a second half of that cross lap and proceeded on the CP trail, did the whole CP thingy about 3/4 once again now almost in the big ring. The frozen ground changed over time fomr frozen to partly wet on top, but it was sill a quite clean ride.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Foggy -- a misery or messy ride

What a looog weekend, Saturday, rain and dense fog -- OK, let go shopping to Kreb's, Sunday -- Hmmmmmm still so dark and foggy and wet, there is one more day to come and PyZahl slept better in long like a marmot, that feels also good a times. So but some thing is driving PyZahl and make him nervy even the third day was as dark, at least no heavy rain, just that tiny dropplets of water in the air. So he hooked up all the extra safety lights to be seen well, jumped into his well visible red bike suit and took off east on North Country finding all the hills and some extra loops aroud Wading River (the famouse duck pond is there)

proceeding out to Wildwood SP. Returning and all the way west almost to Stony Brook, well cutting off into XTalHollowBrook to Shore Road...

... and returning via NC, stopping by a good friend for a warmup and Energy refill and back home.

Here PyZahl was greeted by one of his friends and constand house observers:

A bike cleanup filled a good part of the remaining day.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hot Air over Hot Water - El Niño

Today something was wrong, it is January 6th, Long Island and it was way too hot for the season. The warm and wet morning turned into a nice day little later and temps on the island must break records...

So PyZahl left after noon for a ride

out to Iron Pear Beach Park...

Returning home just with the sun set -- and it even felt warmer, there were some real hot spots on North Country Rd. Amazing, love El Niño for that day.