Friday, February 10, 2012

Last run on the board for this trip

Friday. Some what sick, but had to return the Snowboard. So opting for the 14:40 bus in the early afternoon -- feeling so-la-la with medications.... Could not resist to do one more run at the local resort Gruesch-Danusa. Cold, foggy.... It's been a while he was up there. Afternoon ticket. Freaking cold gondola. Asking a local piste guard like looking guy if this was the right trail... a run to the middle station, gondola back up and heading for a coffee and warmup. Deciding to call it a day and taking to run down to the village. Returning the snowboard.


Stats so far for "Snowboard" 5 days and a quicky..., 18 hours moving, 300km (incl. uphill on lift/gondola, but excluding all the S-turns downhill as the GPS straitens it out), 35.6km of descending. Just a comparison: the total decent is about 4x all the way down to sea level from Mt. Everest.

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